Monday, April 6, 2009

Redefining Epic


The word Epic gets tossed around a lot in the world of cycling.  One can take a look at any of the cycling web publication, and quickly find a number of uses of the word describing a particular stage or one day event.  But if everything is becoming epic, then what does that make those days which true are?

This past Saturday was my defining of Epic.  De Ronde van Oeste Portlandia.... with my ride in to the start from Hillsboro, and the ride home from the finish.  85 miles, and it sounds like close to 8,000 feet of climbing.  I was wrecked when it was all over, but happy to have completed such a massive undertaking.

I made it the entire way up Brynwood, although I had to restart once due to a guy stalling out in front of me.  College I walked about 1/3 of.  I slogged through the rest of the climbs with some teammates, shared the misery of every 15% incline that was tossed our way.

It was a beautiful day, and it was amazing to see so many cyclists doing this crazy event just because it's there, and its Portland.


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