Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday afternoon musings...


  • It is seriously gorgeous outside, and I'm glad I rode my bike into work today.  The 4.5 mile ride home will be a nice way to cap off the day.
  • This weekend's riding had one serious beatdown of a ride book-ended by two lazy recovery days on the bike to total about 160mi of riding.
  • Allergy season is coming.  Are you ready?
  • I finally was able to mix it up with the team on Timber Road during one slug-fests out there.  Very happy!
  • It's stuffy and probably 77 in our office building right now.
  • Last week felt like a super hard week on the bike, but the overall stress of the workouts was not terribly high.  Glad I've got a rest week this week.
  • PV continued with a very strong showing out at PIR and put me across the line first for the second week in a row. I <3 the team.
  • My wife has been under the weather for the past week and it hurts me to see her feel this way.  I'd gladly take her place if I could.
  • Hubris is a bitch. My knee started acting up two days after I posted this.  I'm still trying to sort out what's going on.
  • My "O.F." got together on Saturday for a joint birthday party for James and myself.  Was great fun and they surprised me with an awesome gift.  Silly details here!
  • I received an envelope in the mail on Friday from OBRA.  Inside was a sticker that said "ROAD:CAT3" along with my other details.  I'm now a very small fish in a very big pond filled with very fast fish.  At least I can cross off one of my goals for this year though. :)
  • It was silent at 6:50am when I got into the office.  Its now 3:36pm and again, it's silent.  I'm going home.
  • For whatever reason, this didn't publish until Tuesday morning, but I'm not changing the title.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 3's Matt :D

MattD said...

Thanks Mr(s). Anonymous! :)