Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Gift of Long Shadows


Yesterday marked the first after work ride of 2009.  We are getting some unseasonable clear sky and warm temps this week, and it was about 60 when I ran home early to attend a meeting which I thought was going to run later than 4pm.  As luck would have it, the meeting got out almost 40 minutes early, (a testament to how good the PM on my project is!) 

Since Traci works from home most Wednesdays and her day had wrapped up already, we decided to do our workout today on the road.  Clad in my team kit and windbreaker, but sans knee warmers, we rolled out to do a little over an hour at endurance wattage. 

Once we got on the open road, it was hard not to smile.  The sun hung low in the sky and warm on the skin, casting two long shadows across the road.  A pair of tall riders clad in all black matching our pace and posture. It was a struggle to stick to the workout, to not leap out of the saddle and try to outrun our companions.  Controlling the desire to stretch the legs under the waning rays of daylight, we turn back home happy to enjoy the gift.

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