Thursday, October 16, 2008

File this under "W"


As in "WTF?"  Monday, Traci and I were at Freddy's to do some grocery shopping.  We went through the beer isle to see if they had any of the Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest Ale she's been wanting to try.   As we walked past the collection of beer's we normally wouldn't bother looking at,  Two types of crap in one can!Traci stopped in horror said something to the extent of "Dear Lord no...."

I'm sorry, but who in their right minds would mix beer and clam infused tomato juice.   I mean, for starters, who decided that clam infused tomato juice would be a great drink to bottle and sell in the first place?  I guess its possible that it tastes good, but there is also the possibility that NASCAR is fun to watch.  

Ironically enough while I was waiting to take a photo of the monstrosity a pair of guys, one of whom had a NASCAR jacket were perusing the beer section.  He walked away with the "Bud Light" version. It has salt AND lime flavor!

I'm fairly bias when it comes to this topic though.  I'm very allergic to shellfish, and I refuse to drink any beer that crappy.  I guess if I had to drink Budweizer though, I'd go for this one.  The anaphylactic shock my system would go into from the shellfish would put me out of my misery pretty quickly.


Geneva said...

*shudder*...that IS an abomination...and I actually like Bud Light sometimes.

Paula said...

That my good friend is called Red Beer and it is the true redneck's idea of a classy drink. I had no idea that they were marketing fully mixed-a red neck's idea of heaven.

This will blow your mind. In Singapore they drink a beer/sprite combination called a Shandy.