Monday, June 16, 2008

The Numbers Game


33 is my race age. It's a no-man's land of age in OBRA.  I qualify for Masters sometimes, but not others. 10 is the number of years I've been married as of this coming Friday.  11 is the number of years I've been at the company were I work.  A full third of my life.  Woah.

180lbs is my weight goal for this year.  It will be a 15lbs decrease from where I was last year and a substantial decrease from where I was two years ago.  1970 is the net number of calories I can theoretically eat on a daily basis and not gain weight.  While it doesn't always prove true, its a goal to shoot for.

265 was my Functional Threshold Power the last time I tested it. I bet it's probably higher now, but I haven't yet had a test prove that to me.

13 is the number of years I've had a broken pancreas.  2 is the number of years I've had a "bionic replacement". 15carbs:1unit of insulin is the ratio I live by. (Literally.)

1.114 and 1.116 were the Original Gravity (adjusted) for the first and second 5 gallon batches of beer I brewed.  When the beer is ready, it should be floating around 10.5 percent alcohol by volume.  100 is the percentage of said beer I plan to share with my teammates during cross season.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about yours rides. Keep it up, take care y'all!