Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tucson Day 0.5


I’m snowbirding… even if it’s only a week.  We got into Tucson on Tuesday afternoon, flight landed at 3:35 local time.  Owen from The Cycling House picked us up and got us to home base by 4:45.   A quick sandwich and kit change, and we are on our bikes by 5:15.  We only have time for a short spin due to the rapidly approaching darkness, but it was good to stretch our legs.

The first thing I notice, after the nasty cacti wanting to impale my body and bike if I happen to drift off the road, is the elevation.  Base camp for us is at ~2200 ft, which is 2000 ft higher than home.  Every small roller has me breathing harder than I anticipate.

Dinner is ready shortly after we get home.  Three different types of grilled salmon, all delicious.  After dinner we have a quick pow-wow to set the schedule for the next day.  Forecast calls for rain.

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