Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Belated 4th :)


Apparently I forgot to post my update last week during my office move so this will be fairly scatterbrained (more so than normal!)

Raced the Salem Fairview Circuit Race two Sundays ago.  Hard course, good racing with the exception of the r-tard who full on hand-on-hip shoved another rider almost into my path on one of the climbs.  Unfortunately because it wasn't done to me, I couldn't retaliate. ;)

Had an awesome "oh shit" moment on the last lap where I attacked coming off the hill into the final 2 90degree corners to stretch the field out.  Leaned waaaay over, and felt the rear wheel start to chatter.  Kept it upright and hammered for about a minute gapping the field before I happily blew up and soft peddled in for 32nd :)

Raced my first Short Track Mnt Bike event the next day.  Was a hoot and I managed a 4th place finish in the Sandbagger Men's Cat 3 field.  Was the first time on dirt since I blew my knee out at Barton and was very happy with my fitness.

Training this past week went really well.  Had Friday off and hammered with the team that rode on a glorious morning.  Threw down a new season high max wattage which was just shy of my all-time max wattage.   The legs feel pretty good, but mentally, I just have no desire to race right now, especially out at PIR.  A lot of it probably has to do with the continued stupidity being witnessed in the 1/2/3 fields with riders being shouldered into walls and off course in the final laps.  The Mid-Summer Crit series starts up in a few weeks and its REALLY close to my house, but they split the Cat's so I'd be racing with the 1/2/3's again.  Bleh.

In other random news, I moved offices for the first time in 7.5 years last week.  I biked to work the first day in the new place and was displeased to see the lack of close bike parking.  I was happy to find out that most everyone in the building who rides just puts their bike in their office, so I'll end up doing that when I ride in next. 

Big plans for the next few days.  Hope they come to fruition!

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