Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help wanted!


So on the off chance that someone is reading this who has experience with Metronics CGM's or experience with wireless devices, I'm going to post the following scenario.

I'm currently using a Metronics Paradigm Insulin Pump, and one of their continuous glucose monitor systems which wirelessly transmits data to the insulin pump every 5 minutes.  I'm happy with the combination for my day to day activities, but to me it falls short in one crucial area.

When I'm on the bike, my pump is securely tucked away beneath multiple layers of clothes (typically attached to my HRM strap or the back of my bib shorts).  If I want / need to see my current blood sugar, I have to stop and pull everything out to look at my pump, then put everything back in place.  Not the most productive thing while trying to sit in the middle of a pack of riders.

What I would love is a secondary device, like a watch, where I could just see what the most recent number was.  It doesn't have to do anything other than report the most recent data.  That way I can tell if I need to eat something before my body starts to bonking (which is basically a low blood sugar) while I'm doing activities where its difficult to get to my pump.

Real time data is a huge improvement over what I had just 6 months ago, but as a numbers person it also makes me cringe.  Data is just data unless you do something with it, and having it inaccessible when I need it the most is fairly frustrating.

Oddly enough it looks like Metronics competitor, Navigator, went with a slightly different route.  Their CGM reports to a small handheld unit which doubles as a blood tester.   

Coincidently enough, there is one guy in PV who has one of the Navigator systems, and another guy who just joined our race team who has the same system I have.

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