Monday, December 22, 2008

Before the knife.


Mother nature is funny.  After not having much in the way of snow in the greater PDX area for a number of years, we get a bunch pooped on us all at once.  Ah well.

Traci and I have spent much of the past week hanging at the house, cleaning and prepping for the holiday, and shoveling snow off our driveway.  We haven't gone out much because we didn't need to and I'd rather not drive if I didn't have to.

This morning however, I had to drive.  I was to have my pre-op surgery appointment with my Orthoped at 8:30.  So at 7am I get up and look outside.. its snowing.. again. 

We get in the car and make the short trip into downtown Hillsboro.  The roads are mostly empty and what vehicles that are out there have chains and are mainly trucks.  We feel out of place in the Mini without chains.  At 8am we get to the doctors park and there isn't anyone in the parking lot and the building looks dark.  We circle the block a few times (getting stuck once in the process but managing to get out with the help of a few bystanders.) Calls to the office go unanswered so we head home.

Once home, it takes us 30 minutes to get the car back into the garage.  I don't plan on going back out today.  I finally get in touch with the doctors office and was informed that yes, there were people there at 8am and if I didn't come in for the pre-op, I couldn't go in for surgery tomorrow.

Wow, nice ultimatum.

So back out into the snow I go, but this time on foot.  It takes me about 40 minutes to walk the 3 miles.  Its cold and quiet and really fairly peaceful.

Knee0002I meet with my surgeon and went over his findings in the MRI.   The circled areas in the first photo are the left side meniscus in my left knee.  The distinct dark triangles are the meniscus which is in good condition.



This second photo is the right side of my left knee.  Notice the circle on the left.  The triangle doesn't have a distinct point to it.  He called it "blunted".  The circle on the right shows more issues.  The dark slop (my words) on the left side of the triangle is what he identified as the part that should be attached to the right side, which has folded over on itself.  He believes this injury will be a good candidate for a repair rather then a removal of the torn area.  I had figured this was coming, but the confirmation from him was still a big blow.

I talked with him about recovery and rehab and I was happy to hear the "8 weeks non weight bearing" wasn't going to be the case.  Bed rest for 3 days and no twisting, jumping, running, or deep knee bends for at least 3 months.  Unfortunately cycling is also out of the picture with the exception of light gears and no-resistance spinning until March, so my 2009 road season is shot it seems.

I think that hurts more than the injury.

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